Top 10 Sugar Baby Websites Reviews 2018

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SugarBabiesOnline is social network providing analyzed reviews of the best sugar baby websites. If you are seeking sugar babies and wondering where to go, our reviews may help you find your suitable website. We also have a blog providing practical sugar dating tips and sharing true success stories for your reference.Here we list you the top 10 sugar baby websites, we believe they are worth your trying, as most websites have been established for a long time and have attained a large number of active users. Our ranking is based on user experience, features, membership size, value for money, verification,privacy and popularity.

#1 Sugar Daddy Meet sugar baby site:5 stars

SugarDaddyMeetSugarDaddyMeet is a platform where wealthy and successful men would have a lot of opportunities to meet attractive, young sugar babies. Built in 2001, SugarDaddyMeet has been online for 16 years, and it only focuses on providing dating service for male sugar daddies to meet female sugar babies while other sugar baby websites deal with sorts of relationships. It has got the largest active user base in Canada, Australia and USA, if you want to find a local sugar baby or sugar daddy in these countries, then SugarDaddyMeet would be a good choice. Standard membership is free, you could connect with others by emails and send winks, also free to create your own blogs and make comments.

#2 Millionaire Match sugar baby site:4.7 stars

MillionaireMatchMillionaireMatch is a dating club of CEOs, successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers, celebrities and so on. It is the largest and the best wealthy millionaire dating site with a user base of 3 million members. It requires successful single who makes over $ 200k per year to join. If you want to live the luxury life, find your romance or even marriage, MillionaireMatch is the site to go! It's also popular for its strict verification process, you would need to have your income and wealth carefully checked before you become a Certified Millionaire, and this can help eliminate a lot of fake profiles.

#3 Age Match sugar baby site:4.5 stars

AgeMatchAgeMatch is a successful sugar baby website that offers online service only for older men or women to date younger sugar babies. Nowadays, age is no longer an issue for relationships, older men could date younger women while older women could date younger men. It has been online for 16 years, and has got almost a million registered members. In fact, age gap dating is just another kind of sugar baby relationship, older men or women have more life experience and stable wealth, they could supply young sugar babies with finance and care.

#4 Sugar Daddy For Mesugar baby site:4.0 stars

SugarDaddyForMeSugarDaddyForMe is one of the oldest and most popular sugar baby website. It has got 4 million registered members from all over the world, and has helped thousands of sugar daddies find their ideal sugar babies. The best part is that new members could enjoy a 3-day free trial for their first registration, if you are not ready to apply for a long-term membership, then it would be the perfect place to go. SugarDaddyForMe provides a more diversified relationship, sugar mama, male sugar baby and gay sugar daddy can all find their dates here.

#5 Seeking Arrangement sugar baby site:4.0 stars

SeekingArrangementWith a 5 million registered user base, SeekingArrangement is no doubt the world's largest sugar dating website, and also one of the best sugar baby sites. It is actually they who have first come up with the idea of "mutually beneficial relationship", here you can fulfill all your expectations about an ideal relationship with no strings attached to you. Just as the same as SugarDaddyForMe, it's also a diversified website suitable for all sorts of people.Standard membership cost you nothing and college students can use all features for free.

#6 Sugar Daddie sugar baby site:3.5 stars

SugarDaddieSugarDaddie has been online for over 15 years,it is among the earliest sugar baby websites. It mainly focuses on "matching wealthy men and generous women", and aims at delivering quality relationships. If you are a sugar baby who wants to meet people that change your life for the better, Try SugarDaddie! Here a lot of successful men or generous women with stable finance are looking for sugar babies to support and pamper. The standard membership is free, and premium membership would need to pay. All features are simple to use for its good navigation.

#7 Whats Your Price sugar baby site:3.0 stars

WhatsYourPriceWhatsYourPrice offers a direct way for both sugar babies and sugar daddies to find rewarding dates. Wealthy men compete for attractive sugar babies and make a bid on the one they prefer. Here money can buy you love, and this is an unique difference that separates WhatsYourPrice from other sugar baby sites. You would have no difficulty getting a date and wouldn't bother to impress anyone. Some people think it could save both the sugar baby and sugar daddy a lot of time to get what they want, while others hold the opinion that it's more like prostitution since there is no feelings.

#8 Sugar Sugar sugar baby site:3.0 stars

SugarSugar"Where romance finds finance" clearly tells the essence of a sugar baby relationship, SugarSugar encourages wealthy men to look for beautiful young sugar babies to spoil. They even have got dating experts to help you in relationship, and there are numerous beautiful and young sugar babies there, it's easy to find your own one! Members can choose between standard membership and premium membership, standard members only have limited access to the basic features while premium members can use all extra advanced features.

#9 Sugar Daddy Today sugar baby site:2.8 stars

SugarDaddyTodayBuilt in 2007, SugarDaddyToday has gained a lot of active members, they offer users one week free membership, and it only cost $5 per month to use premium membership afterwards, actually it cost the least among all sugar baby websites. Features are easy to use but not attractive, members could only connect with each other by emails, and they don't provide features like chat rooms, blogs, forums and private chat.

#10 Find Rich Guys sugar baby site:2 stars

FindRichGuysThe only advantage about FindRichGuys is that it's a totally free dating website for both sugar babies and sugar daddies. Members could exchange information with each other easily, but sometimes this might lead to safety and privacy problems. This site looks very unprofessional and all its features are old and dull. You can always see a lot of ads which look like profiles, and members could easily get mislead.